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Genre Books is an imprint of Pluto Networks Limited. We publish and distribute books with a particular interest in gender and sexuality.

Teenagers: The Rise of Youth Culture in New Zealand

by Chris Brickell

Through the diaries and letters, photographs and drawings that teenagers left behind, we meet New Zealanders as they transition from children to adults: sealers and bushfellers, factory girls and newspaper boys, the male 'mashers' of the 1880s and the female 'flappers' of the 1910s and '20s, schoolgirls and rock'n'rollers, larrikins and louts.

Price: NZ$49.99

Smoking: The Homoerotic Subtext of Man Alone

by Janet Charman

Smoking chronicles the courageous subtext of John Mulgan's iconic novel Man Alone. Many see only the solitary exploits of a stoic Kiwi joker but Smoking explores the love of the hero Johnson for his best mate Scott.

Price: NZ$0.00

Southern Men: Gay Lives in Pictures

by Chris Brickell

Southern Men documents men's lives, travels, friendships and leisure in the years before gay liberation, showing men at war, at home and at the beach.

Price: NZ$0.00

New Country

by James Courage

New Country introduces some of James Courage's most evocative plays and short stories to a twenty-first century audience. Christopher Burke's critical introduction explores their homoerotic themes, both overt and coded.

Price: NZ$39.95

Dunedin's Warehouse Precinct

by Alexander Trapeznik

Dunedin's warehouse district is a newly rediscovered treasure. This richly illustrated, freely downloadable e-book explores the history of this fascinating part of Dunedin.

Price: NZ$0.00

Two-by-Two: Men in Pairs

by Chris Brickell

What does it mean for two men to be together? Two-by-two showcases 100 photos taken between 1880 and 1960, in which pairs of New Zealand men share their lives at leisure, at work and at home.


Price: NZ$0.00

It is so pleasing as to be like a secret family album. It is like having a block of chocolate and wanting to eat it immediately, but deciding to have a piece at a time and not to eat it all in one go. In some ways it is quite arousing. (John Webster, Auckland historian).

Manly Affections: The Photographs of Robert Gant, 1885-1915

by Chris Brickell

Robert Gant's photographs, taken between 1885 and 1915, offer a profound redefinition of colonial masculinity. Manly Affections unveils 230 fascinating Gant images in which men hug, hold hands and hang out.


Price: NZ$20.00

RRP: $49.95

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