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Smoking: The Homoerotic Subtext of Man Alone

by Janet Charman

Smoking chronicles the courageous subtext of John Mulganís iconic novel Man Alone. Many see only the solitary exploits of a stoic Kiwi joker but Smoking explores the love of the hero Johnson for his best mate Scott. These two men caught in the brutally heteronormative regulations of patriarchy but are revealed as John Mulganís subtextual agents of change. This coupleís relationship, although violently repressed, plays out against the novelís equal advocacy of an end to the exploitation of women and the indigenous. Smoking reveals Man Alone is revealed as a mythic tragedy. The full weight of the heroís sexual fury and grief is felt symbolically in the volcanic landscapes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Published by Genre Books
ISBN: 9780473428334

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